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From Stephen Sarro:

Did "modern music" get you down? Fans of Tantrum Of The Muse can now rejoice because I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that they will enjoy this album and see this as a kindred spirit to TOTM. Some concepts and ideas on this album were intended to be on the 3rd TOTM album that never happened. This is my follow up to "Modernmu$ick(2000)!" A Human Comedy is about the real life experience I had with discovering God's holiness in a very real way. It is the soundtrack to the last several years of spiritual transformation, and the songs were written as that transformation slowly took place. This album is unique in that you can actually sense the changes in my life through the album as it reaches its conclusion. Side 1 deals with your state of mind as you experience tragedy and loss. In the years since my last album, I had some horrific tragedies occur in my own life. You lose yourself in that fear and anxiety. Travis (drums) and Josh (bass), who helped craft the album into what it became, suffered loss as well. Travis lost his father while we made this, and his is the last voice you hear on the record. With literal blood, sweat and tears, we came together with the common goal… to place that raw emotion front and center and to give it over to Christ, giving Him glory through the music, through the lyrics. Many of the lyrics on the first half of the album were written before coming to this realization about God's role in suffering. The album has a tipping point where the songs take on a new lyrical approach and you get a different experience on the 2nd side of the record. This is because as I documented this change through songwriting, I was also changing and finding more peace in knowing God is still in control. I have not heard too many albums where this kind of documentation unfolds and where the song writer does not abandon the work and start over in fear that it is not "in the moment". We want the listener to experience both sides of faith. Apart from the concept, I cannot even begin to state how incredibly difficult it was to craft a real album with real performances, without any auto tuning, or drum replacement. What you hear is microphones sitting next to amps and drums. Despite the concept being pretty heavy, we really wanted the music to flow like an old school fun record. We made the kind of record we wished we could go out and buy. If I never have the blessing and curse of making a new album again, I am proud to end with this one. It is so personal, and has so many memories attached to it. It brought a lot of healthy closure to the TOTM era, while completely blowing that music away!!! Listen to A Human Comedy as loud as you can, and give it your full attention.

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