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     Slaves BC is a doomy blackened-hardcore band from Pittsburgh,

Pa.  Slaves BC was formed at the end of 2010 by 3 long time friends:

Josh Thieler (Vocals/Drums - AKA "The Handsomest Man In Hardcore"), Sean Singer (Guitar/Vocals), and Rick vanNewkirk (Guitar).  They immediately began writing their first demo “This World Shall Pass Away”.  Josh Thieler asked Jason Cantu (Bass) to join the band on the first day of recording in June of 2011. The demos were recorded at Bloodbot Studios with George Thieler.

     Slaves BC spent the next year writing and recording more

material, and they did not start playing shows until the summer of

2012.  Since then, they have shared the stage with bands such as

Nachtmystium, Lord Mantis, Atlas Moth, Atriarch, and Once Nothing.



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