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What's Your Damage 7" on Coke Bottle Clear. Transparent Green, or White Vinyl. 


released January 17, 2020

Recorded August 17th, 2019 by Jeff Hostetler at Red Obsidian Studio, Kalamazoo MI.
Mixed by Zach Birdier at Captive Portal Studio, Chicago IL.
Mastered by Josh Gablin at Schnauz Studio, Glen Ellyn IL.
Keys performed by Zach Birdier.
Additional gang vocals on Violence by Tom Brothers
Layout and design by Jeff Hultgren at A Way Of Life Design.


"We are What’s Your Damage? from Chicago IL.We are a mix of Post-Punk, New Wave, and Old-School Punk Rock.Be warned that Bob will try to sell you a 83 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and a 8 Ball. Those suits don't buy themselves.Quinn: VocalsSean: BassWiley: DrumsBob: Guitar"

What's Your Damage? 7"

$7.00 Regular Price
$3.00Sale Price

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