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After their successful debut release in 2010, “Hymns of Punk Rock Praise”, False Idle is coming back strong with a four song EP that will undoubtedly leave you wanting more. The band has taken its stance against wasting your life away on a couch, and turned it into a motivating musical reminder of what life has to offer each of us, and what each of us has to offer to the world we live in.

The guys from False Idle are just as passionate about the message as they are about the music. This statement was pulled from their website about the new EP: “No matter where you are in life, there is more. We all need to find the fight within ourselves to become better people. Whether it is for our families and friends, for ourselves, or in our spiritual walk, we all need to strive to do more with what we have been given. Mediocrity is not acceptable to God, and you shouldn’t accept it in yourself. I will no longer accept it in myself... I Refuse”. To anyone that hears these songs, their mission will become perfectly clear.

1. High Hopes
2. I Refuse
3. Fear of Man
4. Incomplete

False Idle I Refuse 7"

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