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Gov't Hate Mail is from Portland, OR; a great place for amazing coee and interesting beers. Half the band can enjoy half of what Portland oers because this band is a father-son project. Both fathers--Greg Dimick and Jim Swanson-- played in bands such as Crux, Empty Tomb, The Dwellers, The Clergy, and Nicotine around the turn of the century (90's to 00's). In good dad fashion they did what all good dads do: they forced their kids to enjoy the same things they like to do. Thus, GHM was created (...and the kids ride mountain bikes).

GHM has played X-Fest, clubs, and house parties around the Portland area and could be coming to a run down shack near you. The punk/hardcore music of Gov't Hate Mail is mostly angry at the fact that we try to govern ourselves but don't do it

well because we're selsh and prideful beings. We're always trying to write our own script instead of just playing the part given to us in the Great Script. Each song is a letter to us humans who try to play god; and, in turn, hurt each other and neglect the Good.

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